Our qualified team will take care of every detail of your project

Stratsmore Group offers a blend of services from Investment to Development, from Structural Drawings to Interior Design and much more, read through our different expertise below

Project Design


Contractor Services

Interior Painting







Our core work – assessments and prep of planning

applications or appeals which fully meet statutory requirements and give your proposals the fullest support. Front-loading is often of the utmost importance...

Structural engineering for buildings has always been at the core of our work.

We provide a complete range of structural engineering services for every type of building in all sectors ranging...

The model of a frame building is on drawings.
Residnetial and Commercial Suveys

Relying on a suite of conventional and cutting edge data collection

and processing tools, Stratsmore Surveyors and support staff perform the research, field location, drafting, and reporting....

Our project management services cover the whole project, from inception to completion.

We treat each project as unique and we maintain momentum, which we see as two of the keys to project success. Ramboll helps clients to maintain control of every aspect — quality, cost, programme, delivery and safety...


Stratsmore Investments, Stratsmore Property Assets, Stratsmore Banking

and the Stratsmore Group have been investing in high-yield property portfolios for decades....

There are alot of wealth managers who offers bespoke service

that is tailored to clients specific need, but very few actually deliver on this promise we are one of them...


Frequently asked questions

75% of the company’s profits must come from rental income. 75% of the assets must be rental properties. 90% of the company’s rental profit must be paid to shareholders as a dividend.


In the case of Stratsmore we have a diverse portfolio of assets across leisure, hospitality, commercial, retail and some residential. Typically Stratsmore engages in long term leases with businesses to ensure the profitability of our fund portfolios.

A normal UK company is required to pay Corporation Tax on profits at a rate of 19%. This corporation tax is paid by the company before any dividends are paid out to investors. But REITs do not pay any Corporation Tax. 

Typically a UK investor pays CGT on the dividend income they receive and any capital gains they earn from increasing share revenue. However this may be mitigated by investing via an ISA as REITs are eligible ISA investments.

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