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Why Stratsmore Holdings is the perfect partner for you?

Stratsmore Holdings has a broad portfolio of wholly owned assets and is extending through the commercial, hospitality, leisure, retail and residential sectors with various high-yield portfolios which are currently open to investors to participate in.

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Prime Locations

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We diversify our investment in different types of properties which can range from small to medium residential developments to long term investments in projects like Hotels, High rises, and City Planning Projects.

How we create our Portfolio

Market Awareness

Our team not only watches the markets for known assets but it also seeks out ‘off market’ assets securing unique and lucrative opportunities for investment.

Shareholder Focused

Our actions are centred on our shareholders; investments are carefully considered in order to execute our strategy and increase shareholder value.

Opportunity Driven

Opportunities arising often drive our strategy as well as forging a path to profitable and successful additions to the Stratsmore Holdings portfolios.

Only high-end quality materials

We focus more on quality building as we thrive for our stakeholders satisfaction where we consider environment as our top priority when choosing our materials.

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